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Title of a book by Berthold Gunster, see [[huh|http://www.managementboek.nl/boek/9789022994047/huh_berthold_gunster]]. The book describes 15 strategies for handling situations:

|Strategy|Type|When to use?|How?|Effect|h
|[[Strategy 1: Waiting]]|Love|If circumstances change or you have no idea on how to proceed|Keep the 'disaster', 'problem' or 'impossibility' in mind. Go drink coffee, for a walk, shower. The solution will reveal itself.|After a while, tides will turn, disadvantages become advantages. A disaster becomes blessing.|
|[[Strategy 2: Accept]]|Love|If reality is unchangable, if resistance is useless. If we need to confront truth. When fooling yourself or another is no longer possible.|Keep the 'disaster', 'problem' or 'impossibility' in mind. Go drink coffee, for a walk, shower. The solution will reveal itself.|A deadlocked situation becomes a new possibility|
|[[Strategy 3: Enforce]]|Love|1.  In an unbalanced situation<br>2. In a situation that's close to a counterpoint<br>3. If system intervention is impossible<br>|Suppress all temptations to spent time in what's not working, look to the things that ARE working. Look what has the biggest lever potential and use that.|Enforcing has the effect of a lever. Situations change.|
|[[Strategy 4: Respect]]|Love|When people demonstrate conflicting behaviors. If the say 'x' but do 'y'. If they complain but say it is not that bad...|Acknowledge their viewpoint and make it even more extreme. Exaggerate.|People will step back immediatly.|
|[[Strategy 5: Persist]]|Work|As long as you feel there are still possibilities and not everything has been tried.|Try new ways to reach your goal. Experiment. Open your eyes for unexpected effects.|After a while a new possibility will be visible|
|[[Strategy 6: Focus]]|Work|If you want to achieve something|Let go what you do not want, forget about intermediate steps. Focus on the end goal. Keep doing this.|Focus generates a lot of power.|
|[[Strategy 7: Reflect]]|Work|This strategy can be used almost always.|Google. Talk to people. Ask questions proactively.|You will view the world differently.|
|[[Strategy 8: Eliminate]]|Battle|If things stop working. Old believes block your progress.|Eliminate that what stopped working, see what arises.|That which does not work anymore makes place for new possibilities. The bigger the vacuum, the bigger the possibilities.|
|[[Strategy 9: Import]]|Battle|If you cannot beat the enemy|Buy, Hire or lease the other.|You loose an enemy and acquire an ally.|
|[[Strategy 10: Collaborate]]|Battle|If the other wants what you want.|Seek what you have in common, emphasize the common interest. Forget about conflicts.|A sudden unexpected partnership|
|[[Strategy 11: Temptation]]|Battle|Everywhere|Seek what the other wants. Let him achieve this by working together.|A loyal and consequent partner. People who do what they want to do will do this without threath or punishment.|
|[[Strategy 12: Expose]]|Play|If you hide or suppress something.|Play, Act, Enlarge, Exagerate, use bad effects and sentimental music|Fear dissapears.|
|[[Strategy 13: Role switch]]|Play|If people display fixed behavior patterns and expect you to go along with this.|Mirror the others behavior in all kind of possible ways.|Disrupt a fixed behavioral pattern. People cannot play victim, child, consciousness or the boss and you do not have to play the counterpart.|
|[[Strategy 14: Disrupt]]|Play|If you do not like the rules.|Investigate which (unwritten) rules hold. By yourselve or others. Break these rules.|Disrupt the existing game. Temporary anarchy. With new rules a new game is possible.|
|[[Strategy 15: Turnaround]]|Play|In a problematic, changing world. Do not use it for things that cannot be changed|Make a problem a fact and a fact a possibility.|That what bothered you, becomes fun. A 'but' becomes a 'thanks to' a problem becomes purpose.|
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