In this step you may see the benefit from your work in step 1 to 6:
* You prepared well and established report with the customer.
* You listened carefully and learned observed which features and benefits are appealing to your customer
* You made the case that you can solve the problem
* And you circled back to query for more information.
The last step is not magic, just ask what your customer thinks and if you can prepare a final quote. If you do get objections, you know what to do: just circle back to [[Step 3, Discovery]] again. Alternatively, keep the contact open and conclude that this is not the right moment for doing business together. Your goals in this step will be:
* How can i ask for the order in a way that is congruent with our collegial sales model?
* How do we finalize our commitments to each other in a professional way?
!Key points
* If you have done the first six step OK, closing is the easiest step
* Closing is a series of commitments
* When you solved the problem, you earned the right to close
* Closing creates anxiety for the seller, Buying creates anxiety for the buyer.
* If you get into trouble in the middle of a close, circle back to discovery again.
* Remember the three R's:
** Recap all your agreements
** Review the benefits to the customer of the decision made
** Reduce into writing
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The Sales Process