Rarely you will make your sell without any objection: "You price is too high", " Let me think about it": do not panic. An objection seldomly says no. It says: "give me more information" or "how far can you go". In this step you'll circle back to [[Step 3, Discovery]] and determine what additional information the buyer needs.

Dealing with resistance is a step which will always be there. Just make sure you discover the real barriers to move on to the next step, closing the deal. In this step the goals are:
* How do i respond when the customer raises objections to my presentation
* How do i remember that //''an objection is symply a request for more information''//
* How do i circle back to [[Step 3, Discovery]] to uncover the additional facts i need to solve this customers problem and make the sale.
!Key points
* Objections can occur at any points in the sales process
* Making the case often raises objections to surface
* Prospective customers object for one simple reason: they do not believe we have fully solved their problem
* An objection is simply a question: and the core question is "but can you solve this part of my problem?"
* Don't panic when you hear an objection! Just circle back to discovery and gather more data.
* If you get into trouble ask [[Probing Questions]]. If you stay in trouble, call a colleague
* Watch for [[Buying signs]] then ask for the order.

!Dealing with Objections
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The Sales Process