Situational questions are about finding about facts. Buyers do not get a thrill about explaining you their existing situation.
Finding out ''facts'' about the buyers existing situation
* //How many people do you employ at this location?//
* //Could you tell me how the system is configured?//
* //How do you measure quality?//
Least powerfull of the SPIN questions. Negative relation to success. Most people ask to many Inexperienced sales people often ask too much situational questions, This is because they do not link their products with the customers problem. Experienced sales people immediately dive into the [[Problem Questions]]
!Using Situation Questions Effectively
Limit the number of question you need to ask and still obtain the information you need:
* Be sure each question has a clear purpose
* Ask questions that help uncover a problem a buyer needs and your product can solve
Plan situation questions in advance:
# List potential problems your product or service can solve
# Determine which facts you need to investigate those problems
The right situation questions can lead smootly and naturally to discussion of the potential problem.
Make sure that the buyer sees you as a problem solver and not as a prosecutor. A good way to do that is through //linking//:
# ''Linking your questions to buyer statements''
# ''Linking your questions to personal observations''
# ''Links to third party information''
!High and low risk areas
Low risk sitation questions:
# With new customers or clients
# Early in the selling cycle
# When situations change (i.e. reorganisation)
High risk situation quesions;
# Late in the selling cycle
# Irrelevant business area (don't provoke questions you cannot solve)
# Exessive use
# Sensitive areas (signature or budget authority)
* Eliminate unnecessary Situation Questions by doing your homework in advance
* Focus the questions that most likely uncover an [[Explicit Need]]
* Plan situation questions in advance. List alternative sources of information for each of them.
* Don't use SPIN questions rigidly
* Ask questions that demonstrate your industry knowledge
* Gain time to think
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