!Core Problem
* What problem are you trying to solve with this purchase?
* Why did you decide to make this purchase now?
* If this purchase solves your problem, how will things be different?
* How is thye current situation affecting your ability to get your work done?
* How do you hope that this purchase will make things better?

!Product specifications
* What is the single most important way you want this purchase to improve or be different from the products / services you currently use?
* What is the single most frustating thing about the product or service you will be replacing?
* How much output are you looking for from the new equipment?
* How much output are you getting frome the current equipment?
* What is the downtime of the current equipment?
* What do you spend on maintenance?
* What is your current efficiency level? What would you like to have?

* Who else are you talking with about this purchase?
* Have you had any previous experience with this company?
* What other products do you consider?
* Have you had previous experience with this brand/product line?
* Do you have references for the suppliers you are considering?
* Can i give you some references to compare?

* How much is your budget for this purchase?
* Have you already committed the money or are you exploring?
* How much did you pay for the item you will be replacing?
* Where does price fit in the list of attributes that will help you make this decision?
* Have you considered total costs (downtime., maintenance, product life time) as a possible way to make the decision?

!Buying process
* Who else will be involved in making the buying decision?
* Will any end users be involved?
* Could i talk to some end users?
* When do you anticipate you will make the decision?
* What criteria will drive your decision?
* If a committee is involved in the buying decision could i meet all persons?
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How you make the sale