!Object of play
The goal of this game is to create visual [[Sales scripts]] in a brainstorm like fashion.
!Number of players
Multi disciplinary group, max 5 persons
!Duration of play
1 hour
!How to play
# Brainstorm a generic story line
# Create pictographs/icons for each scene
# Follow an [[AIDA]] story line:
## Create awareness
## Create interest
## Create desire
## Move towards action
<<image /static/files/MBI/Module%2020/salesstoryboarding.JPG width:600>>

* Use the [[Six principles of influence]]:
**  [[Reciprocity]]
** [[Commitment and consistency]]
** [[Social proof]]
** [[Likeability]]
** [[Authority]]
** [[Scarcity]]
* Use the [[SPIN]] selling questions / moments in your story board:
** ''S'' [[Situational Questions]]
** ''P'' [[Problem Questions]] (implicit needs)
** ''I'' [[Implication Questions]]
** ''N'' [[Need Payoff Questions]] (explicit needs)
|[[Situational Questions]]|Finding out ''facts'' about the buyers existing situation|Least powerfull of the SPIN questions. Negative relation to success. Most people ask to many|Eliminate unnecessary Situation Questions by doing your homework in advance|
|[[Problem Questions]]|Asking about ''problems, difficulties or dissatisfactions'' that the buyer is experiencing with the existing situation|More powerful than Situation Questions. People ask more problem questions if they get experienced at selling|Think of your products or services in terms the solve for buyers, not in terms of the details of characteristics that your product possesses|
|[[Implication Questions]]|Asking questions about the ''consequences or effects'' of the buyers problems, diffulcties or satisfactions|The most powerful of the SPIN questions. Top sales people ask lots of Implication Questions|These questions are the hardest to ask. Practice and read the tips!|
|[[Need Payoff Questions]]|Asking about the ''value or usefulness'' of a proposed solution|Versatile questions used by a great deal by top salespeople. Positive impact on customers who rate calls high in Need payoff questions as helpful and constructive|Use these questions to get buyers tell you about the benefits that your solution can offer|
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