The entire team must agree on the product features, benefits and release schedules.
* What problem are you solving?
* Create a one page feature lists: What are the technical attributes of the product?
** What is the general goal of the product?
** Provide a simplified architecture diagram
** Provide a feature lists
* Will these features be well understood or do the require explanation?
* Benefit list: What do the features let a customer do?
** Something new?
** Better?
** More?
** Faster?
** Cheaper?
** Undertneath each of the features above give a three line summary of its benefits.
** See also: [[Innovation Radar]]
* Will these benefits be accepted as such or do the need explanation?
** Describe release 1
** Describe release 2
** Describe release 3
** All the way out as you can see
* What Intellectual Property will be unique?
** What can you patent?
** What is a trade secret and you need to protect?
** What will you have to license?
** Have you checked if you infringe on others IP?
* What is the total cost of ownership of your product?
** Training?
** Deployment?
** Additional technical infrastructure?
** Additional personnel infrastructure?
* Dependency analysis: what are you depending on before the product can come to volume?
** Work-flow / Lifestyle changes on the part of the customer?
** Other products required?
** Economic conditions?
** Behavior changes?
** Supply chain modifications?
** Laws to change?
** Other infrastructure / products / change in behavior?
** If so, what?
** When will it happen?
** What happens to your company if it doesn't?
** What metrics should be in use to measure the change?
!Exit deliverables
* [[Product specification]]
* [[Feature list]]
* [[Benefit list]]
* [[Release description]]
* [[Dependency analysis]]

Part of: [[Customer Development Checklist]] - [[Customer Discovery]]
Part of book: [[The Four Steps to the Epiphany]]
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