Based on the [[Product hypothesis]] you will need to develop a presentation of this problem and test it with customers. In exchange for the customer talking to you, you need to give them something to talk about. You will assemble a 'problem presentation' (in contrast to a product presentation). This presentation concatenates your hypothesis about the business problem you think is important for these customers and some potential solutions. Your goals is not to convince your customers but to see if your assumptions are correct.
# Developer "Problem" presentation
## Describe the problem you are trying to solve (the pain not the features)
## Problem solution slide 1
## List problems in column 1
## Today's solution in column 2
## Proposed future solution in column 3
## Ask why it is important to solve this problem.
# Do the customer segmentation
## Who shares these problems? By  company? By Industry? By Title?
## A set of people with common problems = a common [[Value proposition]]
# Put together a questionaire
## List all the data you want to gather
## Now shorten the list to "what are the three things i need to learn before i leave"
## As you get confirmation on the key issues, begin to ask different questions
!Exit deliverables
* Problem presentation with today's solution and your companies alternative. Capable of being given as a "chalk talk"

Part of: [[Customer Development Checklist]] - [[Customer Discovery]]
Part of book: [[The Four Steps to the Epiphany]]
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