The first phase in the [[Four Stages of a Sales Call]] is the //opening// phase. This includes the introduction and beginning of the conversation.
The purpose of opening is to gain the buyer's agremeent for tyou to ask questions and move on to the [[Investigating]] stage. A good opening should establish a //buyer-centered// purpose. This meams that focusing on the buyer's concerns, rather than on your own products or service. It also means being flexible
!Practical tips
# ''Get down to business quickly''
## While you need to respect the norms of the organisation and culture, a greater danger is wasting the time of a business executive. As a general rule ''spend as little time as possible on the opening stage''.
# ''Don't talk about solutions too soon''
## //Successful sellers do not talk about their products, services or the benefits or their solution until ''late'' in the call//. Talking about the solution too soon causes more [[Objections]] than needed and reduces the likelyhood of a sale.
# ''Concentrate on questions''
## Plan the appropriate questions ahead of the meeting and use the time in the opening stage to gain the buyers agreement to move forward to the [[Investigating]] stage.
## If the buyer is asking the questions, and are being asked for facts and explanations, 
# ''Practice a 30 second pitch'' with [[Advantages]]. The best test if you are succesful is if the buyer starts to respond to your questions.
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