Summary of links of 'must read' content for entrepeneurs:

    * The Secret Formula To Success Is… – By Stanley Tang
    * 5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make [VIDEO] – By Jeff Kaplan
    * Interview With Gary Vaynerchuk – By Stanley Tang
    * Top 5 Tips For Entrepreneurial Success – By Richard Branson (Open Forum)
    * A Dozen Don’ts For Entrepreneurs – By Guy Kawasaki (Open Forum)
    * Startup Lessons Learned From Warren Buffett – By Luo Hoffman (Venture Beat)
    * 33 Quotes To Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Flames – By Adam & Matthew Toren (Young Entrepreneur)
    * 10 Inspiring TED Talks For Startups [VIDEO] – By Audrey Watters (Read Write Web) *
    * Kevin Rose’s 10 Tips For Entrepreneurs – By Elyssa Pallai (Read Write Web)
    * Talent Is Not Enough [VIDEO] – By Gary Vaynerchuk
    * 37 Pithy Insights From Street-Smart Entrepreneurs – By Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
    * Are You Really An Entrepreneur? – By Bernard Lunn (Read  Write Web)
    * Common Characteristics of the Best Entrepreneurs – By Chris Bennett (Young Entrepreneur)
    * Wannabe Entrepreneur Symptoms and Cures – By Gabriel Weinberg
    * The Power of Ignorance – By Anthony Tjan (Harvard Business Review)

General Startup Advice

    * How To Start A Startup – By Paul Graham *
    * The Art of the Start [VIDEO] – By Guy Kawasaki *
    * The Pmarca Guide To Startups (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) - By Marc Andreessen
    * Getting Real: The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way To Build A Successful Web Application – By 37signals *
    * Milestones To Startup Success - By Sean Ellis (Startup Marketing) *
    * Ten Rules For Web Startups – By Evan Williams *
    * 12 Months To Startup – By Kimberly Stans (Entrepreneur)
    * Mark Zuckerberg: The Three Keys To Facebook’s Success [VIDEO] – By Mark Zuckerberg
    * What Startups Are Really Like – By Paul Graham
    * Startup Therapy: Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Every Month - By Jason Cohen (A Smart Bear)
    * Be Good - By Paul Graham *
    * Loic Le Meur’s Ten Rules For Startup Success – By Michael Arrington (TechCrunch)
    * Startup Failures: Five Ways To Crash Your Startup, Which Will You Pick? by Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
    * 36 Startup Tips: From Software Engineering to PR and More! by Alex Iskold (Read Write Web)
    * How To Save Money During The Early Days of A Startup – By Dan Martell (Mint)
    * Startups: 10 Things Most MBA Schools Won’t Teach You – By Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
    * Napster: The Inside Story and Lessons For Entrepreneurs – By Don Dodge
    * Startups In 13 Sentences – By Paul Graham
    * The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups – By Paul Graham
    * The Hardest Lessons For Startups To Learn – By Paul Graham
    * 10 Principles For Not Killing A Startup - By Greg Boutin (Read Write Web)
    * 5 Tips For Managing A Growth-Stage Company – By Clate Mask (Venture Beat)
    * The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Startups - By Korri Ellis (Every Joe)
    * 5 Reasons To Create Your First Startup - By Chris Campbell (Particle Tree)
    * A Student’s Guide To Startups - By Paul Graham
    * Most Common Early Startup Mistakes – By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table)
    * How To Succeed Like Apple – By Jason Baptiste
    * 9 Conflicting Tips For Startups – By Brian Wynne Williams (Viget)

The Idea

    * Ideas For Startups - By Paul Graham *
    * How To Find An Idea For A New Startup – By Andrew Warner (Mixergy)
    * Developing New Startup Ideas - By Chris Dixon *
    * Your Idea Sucks, Now Go Do It Anyway – By Jason Cohen (A Smart Bear)
    * How To Find Startup Ideas – By Matt Cutts
    * Six Principles For Making New Things - By Paul Graham
    * Organic Startup Ideas - By Paul Graham
    * Great Ideas Derive From Well-Rested Minds [VIDEO] - By David Heinemeier Hansson
    * Not Disruptive, And Proud of It – By Jason Cohen (A Smart Bear)
    * Startup Ideas We’d Like To Fund - By Paul Graham (Y Combinator)
    * The 10 Most Tempting Software Startup Categories - By Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
    * Entrepreneur’s Annual 100 Brilliant Ideas – By Kara Ohngren and Jennifer Wang (Entrepreneur) *
    * HOW TO: Pick The Perfect Name For Your Startup – By Frances McInnis (Mashable)
    * Naming Your Startup - By Chris Dixon

Product Strategy

    * Marc Andreessen: Product vs Business – By Marc Andreessen *
    * Pandas and Lobsters: Why Google Cannot Build Social Applications… - By Adam Rifkin *
    * Real Unfair Advantages – By Jason Cohen (A Smart Bear) *
    * Getting To Product-Market Fit – By Patrick Vlaskovits (Startup Marketing)
    * How I Am Measuring Product-Market Fit – By Ash Maurya
    * Customer Development Methodology – By Steve Blank *
    * Customer Development For My Web Startup (Part 1, Part 2) - By Ash Maurya
    * You’re A Little Company, Now Act Like One - By Jason Cohen (A Smart Bear)
    * Rethinking The Product Development Process [VIDEO] - By Steve Blank
    * Evangelizing For The Learn Startup [VIDEO] - By Eric Ries
    * Product Design Debt vs Technical Debt – By Andrew Chen *
    * Picking The Right Programming Language For Your Startup - By Chris Cameron (Read Write Web)
    * Sell It Before You Build It – By Babak Nivi (Venture Hacks)
    * The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Launching New Products – By Darren Dahl (Inc.)
    * Competition Is Overrated - By Chris Dixon
    * The Bowling Pin Strategy – By Chris Dixon
    * How to Cross the Chasm – By Chris Spagnuolo (Edge Hopper)
    * Build An Insanely Great Web Service - By Bernard Lunn (Read Write Web)
    * Creating Your Vision, Mission, Strategy and Plan - By Bernard Lunn (Read Write Web)
    * Releasing Early Is Not Always Good? Heresy! - By Jason Cohen (OnStartups)
    * Should Tech Startups Outsource Product Development? – By Vivek Wadhwa (TechCrunch)
    * Build What Had Previously Not Been Possible – By Jason Baptiste
    * Beyond Aesthetics: Design Tips For Startups – By Thomas Petersen (Black & White)
    * 5 Damn Easy Ways To Improve User Experience – By Jon Phillips (Spyre Studios)

Running The Company

    * Notes On Leadership: Be Like Steve Jobs,… And Bill Campbell, And Andy Grove - By Ben Horowitz (TechCrunch) *
    * The Difference Between Leadership and Management [VIDEO] - By Carly Fiorina *
    * How Andreessen Horowitz Evaluates CEOs - By Ben Horowitz *
    * Why CEOs Should Tell It Like It Is - By Ben Horowitz *
    * Leaders - By Fred Wilson (A VC)
    * The New Rules of Leadership – By Inc. Staff
    * Leadership Isn’t About You – By Marshall Goldsmith (Harvard Business Review)
    * Steve Jobs Speaks Out: On His Management Style - By CNN Fortune
    * The Manager’s Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules For Leaders – By Inside CRM Editors *
    * 8 Tips on How to Be a More Successful CEO – By Inc.
    * How To Be An Effective CEO - By Bernard Lunn (Read Write Web)
    * How to Find the Right Management Style – By Chris Musselwhite (Inc.) *
    * Startup Founders Should Flip Burgers – By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table)
    * People Management: Startup Teams Should Dip But Not Skip – By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table) *
    * Avoid Decision By Indecision - By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table)
    * How To Communicate With Your Investors Between Board Meetings - By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table)
    * Running More Effective Board Meetings At Startups - By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table)
    * Taking The Mystery Out of Scaling a Company – By Ben Horowitz
    * How To Scale Without Losing Your Shirt – By Bernard Lunn (Read Write Web)
    * Startups Must Hire The Right People and Watch Every Penny. Or Fail. – By Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) *
    * How To Save Money Running A Startup (17 Really Good Tips) – By Jason Calacanis *
    * Why Startups Should Train Their People – By Ben Horowitz *

Startup Culture

    * Apple’s Startup Culture – By Nilofer Merchant (Business Week) *
    * Startup Culture Lessons From Mad Men – By Brian Halligan (OnStartups)
    * Things Startup Do and Don’t Need - By Chris Dixon
    * Startup Culture: 23 Insights From The NetFlix Culture Deck - By Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
    * Thirteen Key Characteristics of a Great Startup Culture - By Greg Gottesman (Tech Flash)
    * Personality of a Company: Establishing Culture and Values Early On [VIDEO] - By Jeff Kaplan
    * Promote Self-Discipline – By Susan Heathfield (About.com)
    * Why You Can’t Work at Work [VIDEO] – By Jason Fried *

Assembling Your Team

    * How To Pick A Co-Founder - By Navai Ravikant (Venture Hacks) *
    * Hiring Employee #1 - By Jason Cohen (A Smart Bear) *
    * Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Right Business Partner - By Neil Patel (Quick Sprout)
    * Six Clues To Find Your Ideal Startup Co-Founder - By Marty Zwilling (Young Entrepreneur)
    * What To Look For In A Business Co-Founder – By Jason Baptiste
    * Finding Great Developers - By Joel Spolsky (Joel on Software) *
    * How To Hire A Programmer To Make Your Ideas Happen – By Derek Sivers *
    * How To Hire An A-Team – By Bernard Lunn (Read Write Web)
    * Build Your Management Team – By Stever Robbins (Entrepreneur)
    * How to Build Your Management Team – By Inc. Staff
    * How To Assemble The Perfect Team – By Jun Loayza *
    * The New Rules of Hiring – By Inc. Staff
    * How To Use Social Media As A Recruiting Tool – By Tiffany Black (Inc.) *
    * Hiring Your First Employee: 10 Steps Uncle Sam Requires You Follow - By Caron Beesley (Young Entrepreneur)
    * What To Look For In Hiring a VP of Engineering For Your Internet Startup – By Tom Pinckney (Chris Dixon)
    * The Power of “In Person” – Why Distributed Teams Are Less Effective – By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table)
    * How To Improve Hiring At Startups - By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table)
    * Hiring Is Obsolete - By Paul Graham *
    * Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Advisors (Part 1, Part 2) – By Babak Nivi (Venture Hacks)
    * Why is it Hard to Bring Big Company Execs into Little Companies? – By Ben Horowitz

Sales & Marketing

    * 54 Ways To Generate Website Traffic – By Stanley Tang *
    * If You Build It, They Won’t Come - By Jason Baptiste *
    * Startup Marketing: Getting Off The Ground Floor – By Sean O’Malley
    * Building Startup Sales Teams: Tips For Founders – By Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
    * My 8 Commandments For Marketing Your Startup – By Jon Miller (Gigaom)
    * How Not To Market Your Startup – By Neil Patel (Quick Sprout)
    * What’s Your Viral Loop? Understanding the Engine of Adoption – By Andrew Chen *
    * 5 Crucial Stages in Designing Your Viral Loop – By Andrew Chen *
    * Viral Marketing Is Not A Marketing Strategy – By Andrew Chen *
    * 4 Ways to Master Social Media Marketing – By Michael Mothner (Inc.)
    * Social Media Marketing Beginner’s Guide – By Jon Rognerud (Marketing Pilgrim)
    * 30 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business – By April Joyner (Inc.) *
    * Three Steps To Building An Online Brand – By Bernard Lunn (Read Write Web)
    * How To Get PR For Your Startup: Fire Your PR Company – By Jason Calacanis (Business Insider) *
    * 6 Ways To Get Press For Your Startup Without Hiring A PR Firm – By Dan Frommer (Open Forum)
    * How To Write A Winning Press Release: The Step-By-Step Guide – By Shira Levine (Open Forum)
    * 75 Big Marketing Ideas For Small Marketing Budgets – By Matthew Ringer (Smal Biz Bee)
    * The 10 Most Common Publicity Mistakes – Don’t Sabotage Your Success! – By Bill Stoller (Business Know-How)
    * 10 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Marketing – By Inc. Staff
    * Mediocre Marketing: How NOT To Describe Your Startup – By Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
    * Tech Support *is* Sales – By Jason Cohen (A Smart Bear)

Business Model & Monetization

    * 5 Business Models For Social Media Startups – By Jun Loayza (Mashable) *
    * My Favorite Business Model – By Fred Wilson (A VC)
    * Business Models For Startups – By Steve Blank
    * 10 New Business Models For This Decade – By Trend Firm & Strategy Boutique Thaesis
    * The 5 Most Innovative New Online Business Models In 2010 – By Rohit Bhargava (Open Forum)
    * Business Models On The Web – By Michael Rappa (Digital Enterprise)
    * What’s A Startup? First Principles – By Steve Blank *
    * Innovation In Business Models [VIDEO] – By Jeff Raikes
    * No Plan Survives First Contact With Customers – Business Plans vs Business Models – By Steve Blank
    * How To Design Your Business Model As A Lean Startup? – By Tor Gronsund
    * Struggling To Monetize Web 2.0 – By Dion Hinchcliffe (Social Computing Journal)
    * Your Ad-Supported Web 2.0 Site Is Actually A B2B Enterprise In Disguise – By Andrew Chen
    * Ad-Based vs Directo Monetization: Which One Is Better For You? – By Andrew Chen
    * Web 2.0 = Web App 2 Founders 0 Revenue – By Don Dodge
    * How To Create A Profitable Freemium Startup – By Andrew Chen *
    * Free! Why $0.00 Is The Future of Business – By Chris Anderson (Wired) *
    * Why It Pays to Give Away the Store – By Katherine Heires (Business 2.0)
    * User Growth vs Revenue (Why “Free Only” May Limit Growth) – By Sean Ellis (Startup Marketing)
    * Founder Showcase: Phil Libin (CEO of Evernote) Keynote [VIDEO] – By Phil Libin
    * What Does The “Media Business Model” Mean? – By Chris Anderson (The Long Tail)
    * 5 Ways to Monetize the Future of News Media – By Lauren Indvik (Mashable)
    * 10 Tips For Monetizing Social Traffic Through Virtual Currency – By Anu Shukla (Inside Facebook)
    * Social Network Monetization – Deeper Insights – By Sampad Swain
    * 5 Things That Make Your Social Network Monetize Like Crap – By Andrew Chen

Venture Capital, Funding & Equity

    * How To Fund A Startup – By Paul Graham *
    * A Fundraising Survival Guide – By Paul Graham
    * Debt, Equity and a Third Thing That Might Work Better – By Seth Godin *
    * Raising Capital: Closing The Deal – By Joe Beninato
    * Five Myths About Financing Startups That Hurt Entrepreneurs – By Scott Shane (Small Biz Trends)
    * How To Raise Venture Capital – By Neil Patel (Quick Sprout)
    * 9 Quick Tips Learned While Raising $33 Million In Venture Capital – By Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
    * Critical Factors For Obtaining Venture Funding – By Bill Reichert (Garage Technology Ventures)
    * The 5 Most Common Mistakes Startups Make With VCs – By Scott Edward Walker (Venture Beat)
    * Angels vs Venture Capitalists - By Ben Horowitz
    * Angel vs VC? – By Fred Wilson (A VC)
    * Common Venture Capital Legal Terms and Conditions – By Gaebler
    * Ideal First Round Funding Terms – By Chris Dixon *
    * Valuation – By Fred Wilson (A VC)
    * How To Pump Up Your VC Valuation – By Matt Bartus
    * Want To Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently From Founders? – By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table) *
    * Audio Podcast: Angel Investing Revealed – By Ron Conway & Mike Maples *
    * Inside Entrepreneurship: What Angel Investors Aren’t Looking For – By Susan Schreter (Seattle P-I)
    * Four Things Some VCs Do That I Don’t Like – By Ben Horowitz
    * What’s The Right Amount of Seed Money To Raise? - By Chris Dixon
    * The Problem With Taking Seed Money From Big VCs – By Chris Dixon
    * Perfecting Your Pitch – By Bill Reichert (Garage Technology Ventures)
    * How To Pitch To A VC or Angel – By Bernard Lunn (Read Write Web)
    * How To Nail The Five-Minute Pitch – By Chuck Dietrich (Venture Beat)
    * Pitch Yourself, Not Your Idea – By Chris Dixon
    * Six Slides – By Fred Wilson (A VC)
    * How To Present To Investors – By Paul Graham
    * Avoid These Mistakes When Pitching To Investors – By Audrey Watters (Read Write Web)
    * Size Markets Using Narratives, Not Numbers – By Chris Dixon
    * Five Negotiating Tips For Startups – By Scott Edward Walker (Venture Beat)
    * Founder Vesting – By Chris Dixon *
    * Ask The Attorney: Founder Vesting – By Scott Edward Walker (Venture Beat)
    * Founder Vesting: Five Tips For Entrepreneurs – By Scott Edward Walker (Walker Corporate Law)
    * Dividing Equity Between Founders – By Chris Dixon
    * Issuing Stock Options? Here’s What You Need To Know – By Scott Edward Walker (Venture Beat)
    * Ask The Attorney: Types of Angel Financing – By Scott Edward Walker (Walker Corporate Law)
    * Writing A Compelling Executive Summary – By Bill Reichert (Garage Technology Ventures)
    * The Hacker’s Guide To Investors – By Paul Graham
    * An Engineer’s View of Venture Capitalists – By Paul Graham (Y Combinator)
    * The Capital-Raising Ladder – By Bernard Lunn (Read Write Web)
    * Top VCs Debate Rising Startup Valuations [VIDEO] – By Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) *


    * The Six Biggest Legal Mistakes Startups Make – By Scott Edward Walker (Venture Beat)
    * Entrepreneurs Need To Learn Some Law – By Chris Dixon
    * Five Legal Shortcuts No Startup Can Afford – By Marty Zwilling (Young Entrepreneur)
    * California Employment Law Traps for the Unwary for Technology and Media Startups – By Antone Johnson (Biznik)
    * 5 Legal Mistakes Startups Make While Raising Capital – By Scott Edward Walker (Venture Beat)
    * Angel Financing: Legal Tips For Entrepreneurs – By Scott Edward Walker (Walker Corporate Law)
    * When Do I Need To Incorporate A Company? – By Yoichiro Taku (Startup Company Lawyer) *
    * What Type of Entity Should I Form? – By Yoichiro Taku (Startup Company Lawyer) *
    * What State Should I Incorporate In? – By Yoichiro Taku (Startup Company Lawyer)
    * How Many Shares Should Be Authorized In The Certificate of Incorporation? – By Yoichiro Taku (Startup Company Lawyer)
    * Company Registration Choices – By Bernard Lunn (Read Write Web) *
    * How To Select Your Company’s Lawyer – By Caine Moss (Venture Beat)
    * Top 10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Hate Lawyers – By Scott Edward Walker (Venture Hacks)


    * Web 2.0 Expo: Gary Vaynerchuk On Building Personal Brand Within The Social Media Landscape [VIDEO] – By Gary Vaynerchuk *
    * Web 2.0 Expo: Chris Brogan, “The Serendipity Engine” [VIDEO] – By Chris Brogan
    * How To Make Wealth – By Paul Graham *
    * What Kate Saw in Silicon Valley – By Paul Graham
    * Why To Start A Startup In A Bad Economy – By Paul Graham
    * Five Founders – By Paul Graham
    * How To Be Silicon Valley – By Paul Graham
    * The Future of Web Startups – By Paul Graham
    * Predictions For 2010 and the New Decade – By Don Dodge *
    * SaaS – New Software Model, New Challenges – By Don Dodge
    * 5 Reasons Google and Search Won’t Dominate The Next Decade – By Yuli Ziv (Mashable)
    * Losing Andrew Carnegie – By Seth Godin *
    * Tech Startups vs Rock Bands – By Stanley Tang
    * 12 Facts About Entrepreneurs That Will Likely Surprise You – By Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
    * Why You Need To Be In Silicon Valley – By Naval Ravikant (Startup Boy)
    * Want to Know the Difference Between a CTO and a VP Engineering? – By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table)
    * 73.6 of all Statistics are Made Up – By Mark Suster (Both Sides of the Table) *
    * They Will Steal Your Idea. They Cannot Steal What Really Matters. – By Jason Baptiste *
    * Is an MBA a Plus or a Minus in the Startup World? – By Vivek Wadhwa (TechCrunch)
    * Why We Prefer Founding CEOs – By Ben Horowitz
    * Tim O’Reilly: The Oracle of Silicon Valley – By Max Chafkin (Inc.)
    * How Facebook is Becoming the Next Myspace – By Blair Mathis (Laptop Logic)
    * Build To Fail: How Companies Like Google, IDEO and 37signals Build Failure-Tolerant Systems For Anything! – By Andrew Chen
    * No Time to Read This? Read This – By Sue Shellenbarger (Wall Street Journal)
    * Which Would You Choose: Work vs Family – By Jun Loayza
    * Why I Sold Zappos – By Tony Hsieh (Inc.) *
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