Develop a customer list and schedule the first customer contacts
* Make a list of 50 customers to test your ideas on
** You are less interested in brand names than you are in who will give you the time
** Don't be a little snob
** You want to spend time on those people you think fit your hypothesis of user profile
* Get leads of who to call from:
** Investors
** Founders
** Lawyers
** Headhunters
** Trade magazines
** Business Reference Books
* Begin to develop an innovators list. Ask others who are the most innovative
** Company
** Department in a company
** Individuals
* Create an introductory email:
** One paragraph company introduction
** Have people who gave you the leads, send the email
** Follow up with a call
** 50 follow up phone calls should yield 5-10 visits.
* Create a reference story / sales script (why are you calling / emailing)
** Focus on the solution / not the features
** What problems are you trying to solve?
** Why is it important to solve them?
** Don't try to sell anything but just ask for the time to understand how the company works
** Give them a reason to see you: what's in it for them?
* Ten phone calls or emails a day
** Call / Email until you are booked with 3 customer visits a day
** Get used to being turned down but always ask: "If you are too busy: who should i talk to?"
** For this first meeting you are "level-insensitive"; you don't care about titles, you just want to gather data.
** Keep hit  rate statistics (any pitch, leads or level better or worse than others)
** Log all contacts in a database with enough detail about the call.

!Exit deliverables
* Reference story and 5 to 10 customer visits scheduled

Part of: [[Customer Development Checklist]] - [[Customer Discovery]]
Part of book: [[The Four Steps to the Epiphany]]
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