Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage ourselves and relationship with others effectively. There are four fundamental elements of it described below:

!Self Awareness
* ''//Emotional self-awareness//'': the ability to read and understand your emotions as well as recognize their impact on work performance. relationships, and the like.
* ''//Accurate self-assessment//'': a realistic evaluation of your strengths and limitations.
* ''//Self-confidence//'': a strong and positive sense of self-worth

!Self Management
* ''//Self control//'': the ability to keep disruptive emotions and impulses under control
* ''//Trustworthiness//'': a consistent display of honesty and integrity.
* ''//Conscientiousness//'': the ability to manage yourself and your responsibilities.
* ''//Adaptability//'': skill at adjusting to changing situations and overcoming obstacles.
* ''//Achievement orientation//'': the drive to meet an internal standard of excellence.
* ''//Initiative//'': a readiness to seize opportunities.

!Social Awareness
* ''//Empathy//'': skill at sensing other peopIe's emotions, understanding their perspective, and taking an active interest in their concerns.
* ''//Organizational awareness//'': the ability to read the currents of organizational life, build decision networks. and navigate politics.
* ''//Service orientation//'': the ability to recognize and meet customers' needs.

!Social Skill
* ''//Visionary leadership//'': the ability to take charge and inspire with a compelling vision.
* ''//Influence//'': the ability to wield a range of persuasive tactics.
* ''//Developing others//'': the propensity to bolster the abilities of others through feedback and guidance.
* ''//Communication//'': skill at listening and at sending clear, convincing, and well-tuned messages.
* ''//Change catalyst//'': proficiency in initiating new ideas and leading people in a new direction.
* ''//Conflict management//'': the ability to de-escalate disagreements and orchestrate resolutions.
* ''//Building bonds//'': proficiency at cultivating and maintaining a web of relationships.
* ''//Teamwork and collaboration//'': competence at promoting cooperation and building teams.
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