Develop a distribution channel strategy (how the product will get to the customer) & pricing model
* How will your users initially buy from you?
** From a salesman directly from the company?
** From a representative or distributor?
** Through a partner?
** In a retail store? Mail order? On the web?
** Pick a distribution channel
* Draw the distribution channel diagram
** How much will the channel cost (direct expenses or channel discounts)?
** Are there any indirect sales channel cost (presales support, channel promotional dollars)?
** What else is need for customers to use/buy the product? How do they acquire those pieces?
** What is the net revenue after channel costs?
* If there are products somewhat liek ours...
** How much do customers spend for them?
** How much do they pay to do the same thing today?
* What is the economic basis for your pricing?
** Comparable products that already exist?
** The sum of the piece parts required to assemble the equivalent functionality?
** A return on investment analysis of saved time, money & expense (in a [[New market]])
** Do you want to exchange the existing rules of pricing? Offer new pricing models?
* How many copies / number of products can you sell at once?
** Per household or company?
** If the product was free, how many per household or per company?
* How many can you sell?
** If you charge \$1,-?
** If you charge \$1 milion?
** What is the price at which half of the customers say 'yes'?
* If users had your product:
** How much would they pay?
** Pick a preliminairy price
** Pick units for the first 2 years
* Would it be easier to sell your product if it were
** Sold in modules that individually cost less?
** Configured as a complete solution?
** Sold with other products?

!Exit deliverables
* Tentative [[Pricing strategy]]
* Tentative [[Distribution channel model]]
* Tentative [[Deman creation activitities]]

Part of: [[Customer Development Checklist]] - [[Customer Discovery]]
Part of book: [[The Four Steps to the Epiphany]]
See also: [[Distribution channels]]
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