Develop a hypothesis of
# How you will reach customes and drive them into your distribution channel
# Who besides your company can reach and influence these customers
* How will your users hear about you?
* Begin to build a list of companies in adjacent markets / infrastructure (not competitors)
** Companies you would partner with / connect to
** Professional service organisations
** Understand their positioning / distribution / products
* Begin to build a list of key industry influencers recommenders
** Technically credible individuals
** Key industry analysist (Gartner, Yankee, Jupiter)
** Key Wall Street Analysts who follow adjacent markets
** Read their stuff - be able to draw their view of the world today and tomorrow
** Modify their view of the future with your company / products
* Begin to build a list of key conferences / trade-shows
* Begin to build a list of key press contacts
** Trade press
** Technical press
** Industry press
** Business press
** Keep track of the names of the authors of key articles
* What are the key trends customers / influencers / press think are occurring?
** Infrastructure
** Technical
** Users
** Distribution
** Marketing
* Begin to assemble an advisory boards
** Begin to recruit members of the technical advisory board now. Initially for technical advice and pointers to technica talent. Later as a technical reference for customers
** Understand needs for the customer, business and marketing advisory board.
!Exit deliverables
* List of adjacent companies
* List of outside influencers, shows, press
* Advisory board contacts
* Key trend summary

Part of: [[Customer Development Checklist]] - [[Customer Discovery]]
Part of book: [[The Four Steps to the Epiphany]]
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