In [[How you make the sale]] the following process is recommended for dealing with objections:

# ''Pause and take a deep breath''
## ''This is the most important step'': remember that an [[Objection]] is simply a request for more information.
# ''Restate the objection''
## Repeat what you heared
## Softening the language in one go.
## Example: customer states "Your quality really sucks". restate by saying "So, you have concerns about our quality? Can you please elaborate on how did you get the impression that our quality does not meet your needs?"
# ''Clarify the objection''
## By asking [[Probing Questions]]
## What specifically concerns you about our quality?
## How do you think these concerns may play out in your use of our product?
## Do you have data to support your concerns?
## Could we have your data? We are always eager to learn how to improve our product!
## What is/was the source of the information that indicates we have quality problems?
# ''Answer the (question underlying the) objection''
## Make sure you deal with all parts of their objection. It will not go away by ignoring it!
# ''Get confirmation that the objection was resolved''
## Have the customer state that the concern was fully resolved.
# ''Transition back to the sales process''
!Example probing questions
* What concerns do you have so far?
* Is there anything about this approach that bothers you?
* When you think about this solution, what are your first thoughts?
* When you think about this solution, what are your first concerns?
* Why might this solution not work in the situation you face?
* How have you seen solutions fail in the past?
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How you make the sale