Preliminary map the competitive environment.
* Why will customers buy your product?
** Your product is something they need but they don't know it yet.
** Your product can do something they need and they can only get via multiple vendors
** You solve a real, definable pain that cannot be solved any other way. If so, how?
** Our product is faster / cheaper / better than anything else out there. If so, you believe your superiority will last multiple generations because...?
** Our products allow them to do something they could never do before
* Why are you different?
** New market (selling to new users who have no comparable product)
** Better Features?
** Better Performance?
** Better Channel?
** Better Price?
* If this were a grocery store, which products would be shelved next to it?
* Who are your closest competitors today?
** In Features?
** In Performance?
** In Channel?
** In Price?
* What do you like most about the competitors product?
** What do your customers like most about the competitors product?
** If you could change one thing in a competitors product, what would it be?
* Who in a company uses the competitors products today?
** By title? By function?
* How do these competitive products get used?
** Describe the work-flow / design flow for an end user
** Describe how it affects the company
** What percentages of their time is spent using the product?
** How mission critical is it?
!Exit deliverables
* A description of the competitive environment.

Part of: [[Customer Development Checklist]] - [[Customer Discovery]]
Part of book: [[The Four Steps to the Epiphany]]
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Sun, 14 Nov 2010 20:17:03 GMT