!Object of play
In different teams brainstorm a broad overview of issues and solutions 
!Number of players
Divide the team present in 3 or 4 groups of 3-6 people. You will need as much break out rooms as you have teams.
!Duration of play
20 minutes per session. 5 minutes switching time. Total time between 1.5 and 2 hours.
!How to play
In this structured brainstorm meeting, you can divide up a certain topics in 3 or 4 subtopics (on topic per team per session). You divide the people present in
* 3 or 4 groups
* an equal amount of "session leader". This session leader moderates a certain subtopic.
The idea is to have different 'rounds' in this game with each group work sequentially with on a different subtopic. After 20 minutes each team switched to a next subtopic with a next session leader.

The fun part is that it is mandatory for each team to work on the previous team's deliverables. Having completed all sessions, all teams will have worked on all the subtopics, each time advancing and improving each others results under guidance of the session moderator.

<<image /static/files/Softskills/Management/carrouselmeeting1.png width:350>><<image /static/files/Softskills/Management/carrouselmeeting2.png width:350>><<image /static/files/Softskills/Management/carrouselmeeting3.png width:350>>

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Sat, 07 Jan 2012 08:22:54 GMT
Sat, 07 Jan 2012 08:22:54 GMT