!Defining the business strategic positioning
* Who are our [[customer groups|Customer Segmentation]]?
* What are the benefits or our company's offering?
* How do we accomplish our [[value proposition|Customer Value Proposition]] for the customer?
!Who: Understanding the market?
* Who are our true customers? Who decides? Who pays? Who consumes?
* What are the true, core needs, or our customers? What does our offering accomplish for our customer: does it address functional, experiential or sumbolic needs?
* How manifest are the needs of our customers? Are there important latent needs?
* What are the [[Customer Segmentation Criteria]]? How well do we define the hunting ground? Do we have a tight and accurate [[Market Segmentation]] which results in measurable, differentiated customer groups which allows competitive actions? How creative is this segmentation?
* What are segments we are focusing on? What are the size, growth rate and competitiveness of each of the segments?
!What: [[Customer Value Proposition]]
* What are the qualifying [[Critical Success Factors]] in our markets ('tickets to ride')?
* What are the winning Critical Success Factors in our markets ('tickets to heaven')?
* What are our companies [[Competitive Advantage]]s?
** What are we truly //better// at?
** What are we truly //different// at?
** Do the competitive advantages complement each other and generate a strong value proposition?
* Is our customer value proposition based on:
** Product benefits? //What do we offer?//
** Customer process benefits? //How do we offer it?//
** Pricing benefits? //Cost to the customer?//
** Image benefits? //What does our offer stand for?//
* How do we create value for the customer:  What are the core process, competences and assets of our company?
* To what extent are the value creation processes included in the marketing planning and the budgeting process? How well is the company's customers value proposition matured?
* How adequately is the business performance monitored, through market research and the balanced scorecard?
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Sun, 02 Jan 2011 19:53:32 GMT
Business Roadmapping Audit