!Raison d'etre
* What is the reason for the existence of the company? Is our company mission realistic and well communicated?
* Who are the primairy stakeholders that our marketing executives and personnel must interact with? Who are the internal customers of the marketing plan? What is need to sell a plan convincingly in our company?
* //Superior resources//: Our product line is the result of distinctive competences that enable us to outperform competing firms
* //Durable demand//: Our skills and know-how will offer us a competitive advantage for at least another five years.
* //Imitatability//: Our competitive advantage is based on assets and processes that are extremely difficult to imitate by rival firms
* //Non-substitutability//: At present, there are no substitue products or resources that pose a serious threat for our product line strategy
* //Operational efficiency//: Comparing ourselves with industry average for this product line, our cost efficiency is (for worse, worse, equal, better, a lot better)
* //Appropriability//: Our competitive advantage is based on resources that are strongly linked to the company.
!Company vision
* What should be the big, hairy, audacious goal of the company (BHAG)? What is it that we truly want to accomplish in the mid-range and long-range future? What do we want to achieve three & five years from now? What are our commercial goals for next year?
* Is our BHAG bold but also realistic? Is everybody in the organization passionate about it?
* Does the ambition of the company overstep ethical boundaries?
* Does our company have marketing leadership need to inspire the organization to create and accomplish the BHAG? Are changes introduced successfully and is the business being prepared for the future?
Sun, 02 Jan 2011 19:50:04 GMT
Sun, 02 Jan 2011 19:50:04 GMT
Business Roadmapping Audit