!Building Sustainable Business
* Where will we compete in the future? (hunting grounds)
* How do we intent to compete? (hunting strategies)
* What are future drivers of a sustainable business for our company?
* Will we accomplish such business through market making, market hunting or market farming?
!Market Making
* How strongly is the performance of the company's current portfolio influences by the new portfolio influences by the new product choices of the past?
* What needs to be changed in the new products / service portfolio?
* Is the new product portfolio balanced? Are there activities in the portfolio aimed at making the competition irrelavant? Do we have sufficient incremental initiatives to successfully apply leverage on existing platforms?
* How realistic are market predictions? Are we the first mover in the market? Has a [[Dominant Design]] already emerged in the market? Is it a [[Winner-Takes-All]] market?
* How strong is the price pressure in the market? In the case of a price war, how do we avoid price and profit erosion?
!Market Hunting
* Is our sales force empowered? What is the quality of the information the sales force receives? How well is the company equiped to recruit good sales representatives? how well does the company perform in training its sales force? What are the motivation and compensation systems? How does the company monitor sales performance? Do we have enough sales people?
* Is our go-to-market strategy optimized? Are we able to maintain a strong way-to-market architecture? Are capable of appropriating high stable returns?
* Are we [[Overestimating impact of online channels]]? Do we truly improve efficiencies or expand the market? Can the middle man effectively be disintermediated? Are the economic benefits fro virtual diversification real?
* Have we positioned our offering firmly in the market mindset?
!Market Farming
* What is the lifetime value of our customers? What is the base business of the product or the services the company sells? What is the extended business the company may create by selling other products and services to the same customer? What is the leveraged business the company may derive?
* Does the company have true account //management// (as opposed to one time sales)? Do we have the right personnel and skills?
* Are our loyalty programs distinctive? Do we have a real perspective changing CRM? Do we have loyal customers who have become true brand ambassadors? Do we succeed in creating expectations?
* Are we capable of determining the right customer processes? Are we well integrated in the customer activities? How high are the [[Switching costs]] for customers?
* How consistent is our positioning?
* Is price erosion likely in the near future? How will we react? How effectively are we organized? How professional are we in our [[Pricing strategy]] What is the profit we leave on the table?
!Rules of Engagement
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