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Cross subsidizing can be done the following ways:
# Payed products funding free products
# Pay later, subsidize now
# Paying customers subsidize similar customers getting a product or service for free

[[Four different types of free|Summary book 'Free': Different types of free]]
# Direct cross subsidizing
# 3 party markets
# Freemium
# Non-monetary markets

Also interesting reverse business models:
# Dan Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational gives an example of students offered the choice to 'pay' for a poem or be 'payed'. The he asked what they were prepared to pay/ wanted to be payed as a function of the length of the poem.
# Derek Sivers, CD Baby, called these 'reverse business models'
## In China doctors get payed if you get ill and you pay them as long as your healthy
## Clubs in LA have certain bands pay to be allowed to perform
## Fitness centra that are free as long as you show up once per week.
## FreeConferenceCall.com gets payed by telephone companies
## Jicka.com adds waranty to what they sell

[[The psychology of free|Summary book 'free' - The psychology of free]]
[[So cheap it does not matter anymore|Summary book 'free' - So cheap it does not matter anymore]]
[[Information wants to be free|Summary book 'free' - Information wants to be free]]

Examples of the new 'free', Free flight and dvr:
<img src="/static/files/MBI/Module%205/summaryfreeryanair.JPG" width="340" /> 
<img src="/static/files/MBI/Module%205/summaryfreedvr.JPG" width="360" /> 
<img src="/static/files/MBI/Module%205/summaryfreewarehouse.JPG" width="340" /> 
<img src="/static/files/MBI/Module%205/summaryfree_freecars.png" width="360" /> 
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